Council Compliance and the Balmain Garden

Think Outside Gardens is currently working on an interesting project in Balmain involving the development of a very run down garden space with an existing pool in need of a renovation.

One of the key goals of this project was to integrate a generous garden area and pool with the living areas of the home and to make the space functional for a young family. This was achieved through allocating appropriate and generous space to key areas around the veranda, lawn and pool. Applying materials which were consistent throughout both the home and outdoor spaces emphasised the actual generous size of the property.

Any design solutions needed to be consistent with legislation regulating heritage areas, general council requirements and compliance with the new pool fencing regulations.

This has presented challenges to our design team as elements like boundary fence height being limited by heritage legislation meant it was essentially non-compliant with pool fencing legislation.

Our team approached this design by first meeting the needs of the client through an overall design solution. These details were further fleshed out and numerous meeting with both council and certifiers finally produced a design that satisfied both council and pool fence legislation and most importantly we will achieve a great solution for our client.

The project is progressing well with works moving out of the ground and into the construction of the main elements of decking, tiling and retaining. Expected completion is in late October.

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