Think Outside Gardens - Haberfield - Outdoor garden and pool

Haberfield Family Garden

This generous family garden has been brought up to date with a contemporary material palette of light grey tones and lush green hedging.

The rear of the house was opened up with a large beam removing the support posts which enclosed the rear patio area. A generous level lawn area was installed providing for broad open space. The repurposing of a unused garage into a new cabana optimised the functionality around the pool area. The addition of large sliding doors address the growing needs of a young family with more space. The pool surfaces were all refreshed to align with the new design and address some structural issues.

Dense perimeter planting provides the necessary privacy screening and creates a lush green backdrop. A combination of more traditional and contemporary plantings soften and define key areas. A small kitchen garden for herbs and veges was installed off to the side.

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