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Garden Consultation

Our Sydney Garden Consulting Services have been developed to help you design and build a garden that will thrive for many years to come.

As each garden has its own characteristics to work with, Think Outside Gardens will meet onsite to gain an understanding of your requirements specific to the site, and in conjunction with a short questionnaire will develop a brief for your garden project.

Conceptual ideas for the garden are discussed along with ideas on material selection. Inspiration from their extensive portfolio of work will be discussed and they explore how this can be applied to your home.

Following the site consultation, a proposal will be forwarded for your consideration.

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Alternatively you can call or email us on the details below.

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When the team at Think Outside Gardens are formulating your proposal many factors are considered to ensure the best outcome. During the construction process, natural environments and ecosystems are disrupted. Our landscape consultants work with our garden designers to ensure the proposal works to beautify and rehabilitate the environment, accounting for the natural flow of water, land erosion management and support native habitats and ecosystems.

We also take into careful consideration where your property is situated, the climate and the surrounding ecosystems and environment. This allows our landscape designers to work with the natural elements unique to your area, like in this coastal garden design at Palm Beach. Designing and planting your garden with location front of mind will save you time, money and maintenance, whilst creating a seamless connection between your garden and the natural features of your property.

With over 20 years of experience, Think Outside Gardens has grown to comprise an experienced team of landscape architects, project managers, structural landscapers and horticulturalists working together to provide customised and individual gardens. They strive to implement professional, ethical and best practice services, ensuring every garden is built to the highest standard whilst managing the unique challenges of each site.

With a diverse portfolio of garden design ideas, the Think Outside Gardens team can design and implement gardens of varying scale and style. From the initial garden design ideas through the garden construction and into ongoing garden maintenance, their workmanship is guaranteed at every stage of the process and ensures accountability for years to come.

Think Outside Gardens is big enough to have years of experience yet small enough to be involved in every stage of the project.