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Pool Builder

Swimming pools and spas should be designed to sit comfortably in their new surroundings by taking design leads from adjacent architecture and surrounding landscapes.

With a broad range of experience our dedicated team specialises in construction of custom swimming pools and spas. We can assist compliance ensuring the pool meets all necessary standards and regulations.

Integrating latest technology and proven materials our dedicated team will ensure your new pool is easy to live with for many years.

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Let us help you realise the full potential
of your outdoor space with a premium
concrete swimming pool and spa


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Pool Design

Connection with our outdoor areas provide opportunities for relaxation, entertainment and connection with nature.

A carefully considered swimming pool or spa can be a great way to encourage outdoor living. Taking design leads from adjacent architecture and the landscape creates a cohesive and visually appealing environment allowing the full potential of the space to be enjoyed.

Our team of designers and experienced pool builders work together from concept, through compliance and into construction to develop premium swimming pools and spas.

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Pool Construction

As licensed and experienced pool builders we provide a range of premium concrete swimming pools and spas that are seamlessly integrated into the landscape.

We employ best practice engineering, construction techniques and material procurement to ensure your swimming pool will become a valued asset in your home.

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Pool Renovation

Our experienced team of pool builders can assist in bringing tired existing swimming pools and spas up to date. From a simple systems upgrade to a fully tile or pebble interior our experienced team will work with you to ensure your pool is a valued asset in your home.

We can help realise the full potential of your existing pool with integration of gas or electric heating as well as integration of pool covers, lighting, new coping tiles and pool fencing.

Our design team will also help ensure the pool areas is well integrated into the landscape.



PADDINGTON PLUNGE POOL - The renovation of this grand Paddington terrace for a large family meant that every space was carefully considered. With a challenging brief to accommodate off street parking for an SUV, play space for children, adults entertaining, bin storage and plunge pool.

Large sliding doors at the rear of the terrace allows for an easy transition to the generous deck and entertaining space. To one side is a floating style built in BBQ with its light stone bench top contrasting beautifully against the charcoal boundary wall. The custom plunge pool was located off one side of the deck allowing for ample space for a vehicle.

The surface of the pool was fully tiled for a premium finish and safety compliance was addressed with a lockable sliding timber platform that slides away under the deck. Filtration and heating were located remotely in a cupboard adjacent to the rear roller door ensuring all spaces are optimised. At the rear of the pool a cluster of large contemporary cylinder pots with contrasting plantings provides extra greenery and hides a bin storage area.



Situated in Dover Heights and with a easterly ocean aspect this pool and garden called for robust solutions to ensure longevity of the space. Lowering the tiling level in the alfresco area opened up the space and aligned the levels with the pool area creating a greater sense of space.

The colour palette was purposely limited to match the house with whites, light greys, green plantings and blue highlights in the furnishings.

The shape of the existing pool was changed to a rectangular shape providing a more proportionate solution with respect to the overall landscape. It also allowed more practical space around the pool for relaxing and a generous lawn areas adjacent.

The existing pool surface was stripped back and refinished with a deep grey/black pebble surface to complement the pacific ocean views. Introduction of a new water line tiling provided the practical low maintenance waterline solution and non-slip coping tiles finished the surfaces. Glass fencing around the pool and rear boundary ensures each space visually blends into the next and optimises the views. The pool lighting, filtration and control unit systems were all upgraded and controlled with WIFI remote combining to bring the existing pool up to date.


Frequently Asked Questions

All areas around Sydney.

The design team at Think Outside Gardens will work through these options onsite and offer suggestions based on how to ensure the pool becomes a considered part of the landscape.

As each site presents its own unique challenges and opportunities a site meeting is required to develop a clear brief and understanding of the project. We then provide a detailed estimate of costs which can help drive a design process forward in a considered manner.

An approximate duration for construction is 12 weeks when integrated with a new landscape. Build duration is dependent on weather and overall project requirements.

Skim, rake, vacuum and check the filter on a weekly basis. We recommend Automatic Chemical Controllers as they are designed to measure and accurately control the set levels of sanitiser and pH balance.