3 tips when designing your swimming pool area

When designing a family pool there are a number of elements which will allow the pool to site within the landscape and become a functional, safe and enjoyable asset to your home.


Allow proportionate space around the coping of the pool.

Locating pool fencing too close to the pool may create a larger living space to the balance of the garden areas although the pool area may become less inviting as it will feel cramped.

Underwater bench seating

Underwater bench seating can provide a safe retreat for children to play or those learning to swim. With the water level finishing around chest height on adults when seated it also provides a great position to be on hand should children require assistance or even just provide a relaxing retreat. When bench seating is located on the side of a pool, swimmers can still stretch out to swim laps.


Generous entry steps

Not everyone like to enter with a splash and children often like to gradually work their way in. Generous steps can also be integrated into bench seating.


Wherever possible it is always great to maximise the functionality of a space and this is key with retaining around pools.

  • Walls can both retain the gardens and provide additional seating. Keep the walls low where possible and nice and wide for comfortable seating.
  • Water features. – A great attraction for children and can also provides a spectacular feature when the water breaks the surface of the pool and lets the light dance around when illuminated at night.
  • Heating – whether it be solar, gas or heat pump it can extend the swimming season from a few months to all year round


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