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Concrete is possibly the most commonly used building material to provide the structural integrity from which to build from. It is often overlooked as a finished concrete surface to provide a durable and modern alternative. Dare I say it but there is some what of a natural look about highly polished concrete which exposes a variety of grey tones from a light almost white wash appearance through to the deeper grey/charcoal colours. A penetrating sealer improves porosity resistance and can enhance the colours as well.


Think Outside gardens in conjunction with the building Architect helped transform a narrow Paddington terrace. Given the footprint of the property and limited space it was key that there was consistency in the material selection to enhancing the feeling of space. Plain grey concrete was chosen to contrast the lighter natural stone flooring and painted walls. The colour and notion of concrete also provides some visual weight to the space without being overbearing. The concrete surfaces feature heavily in the bathroom vanity tops and shower recess and extend through the kitchen and living areas. A glass wall separates the internal and external spaces while the finished concrete surface extends seamlessly into the rear garden.

This look has industrial references while being softened with lush tropical planting and soft furnishings to create a tropical inner city oasis.

Maintain your concrete finishes with the right pressure cleaner for your home.

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