How to use sandstone in your garden design

Sydney is built on one of the worlds richest sandstone reserves and this is why it is commonly used in many of our gardens, buildings and architecture. When used in garden designs it offers texture and softness to your garden along with something that is uniquely Sydney. Sandstone is a versatile building material and can be used effectively in contemporary or traditionally styled gardens. If you’re looking for that Australian coastal garden feel, then sandstone is the perfect backdrop for the blushes of colour unique to Australian native flowers, and plants. Keep reading to understand how you can use sandstone in your garden design.

Sandstone Walls

Sandstone is a versatile and long-lasting and choice for walling, fencing or privacy screening. Sandstone is often used in retaining walls however, it also works well as a boundary fence or in the front garden as a statement piece. Sandstone walls in the front garden go particularly well with federation designed houses that are particularly popular in the Sydney region. Sandstone retaining walls or freestanding walls are often a feature in their own right and add warmth and detail to a garden.

Sandstone can be either laid in a regular pattern with more traditional mortar joints, in a free form roughly square nature or broken up and replaced in a mosaic for a more interesting look. A Landscape architect or garden designer will work out which look may suit your garden better in conjunction with the style of your house and your own garden design ideas. We recommend contrasting your Sandstone walls with warm wooden textures, fresh greenery and native Australian plants.

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Sandstone Paving

Sandstone paving is a favourite in gardens all around Australia but especially in Sydney, where it can be found in abundance. Sandstone pavers are a great material for outdoor garden steps, borders or edging and will suit most modern and historical house designs. Sandstone is very porous though, so it is essential to ensure that your pavers are sealed to prevent stains and protect against the elements. Even with sealing, be aware stains may show with time – if you want a product that is low maintenance and looks like it does the day its installed best to go for a manmade vitrified tile.  Today’s vitrified tiles are often made to look like natural stone.

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Sandstone paving around a swimming pool is a natural choice as the colours and textures of the crystal clear, blue water and sandstone complement each other. Often sandstone is used to clad a feature wall around the pool. This can add a more natural soft look especially if you have a contemporary style house/architecture incorporating lots of masonry rendered surfaces.

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Garden Feature

Sydney Sandstone can also be used to clad walls and build features in the garden. Used to create raised garden beds or a natural capping to a masonry wall, sandstone can bring an extra dimension to the garden design. Your outdoor built-in BBQ can be cladded in sandstone, or have a sandstone feature wall behind. It can also be used to build front boundary fences and letterboxes.

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Whatever your garden style, sandstone is a wonderful addition to any garden big or small. Contact the team at Think Outside Gardens to find out more about how you could incorporate sandstone into your landscape garden design.


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