Pool garden design in Lane Cove-5

Pool Garden Design

There is nothing better than enjoying the Australian summer with your family by the pool. At Think Outside Gardens we put safety and quality first when we design a garden or a backyard with a pool. We know that pool fences, carefully picked plants and quality furniture are paramount to the overall design.

A swimming pool takes a lot of space even in a large garden. It is important to consider the overall design and architecture of the garden before choosing a pool location. Making the best use of the available space, choosing the pool location wisely and integrate it in a carefully designed landscape, can make a new pool the stand out of the outdoor area.

When our team of architects, horticultors and builders take on a new project which includes building a swimming pool, we choose the best suppliers and hand pick the materials of the highest quality. We will find the right balance between aesthetic, practicality and safety to make sure we deliver the garden any family will enjoy.

Discover the projects that Think Outside Gardens have delivered in Sydney. That will give you some inspirational ideas on how to build your dream pool garden.

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