Darling Point

Operating on one of Sydney’s Eastern Suburb locations, Darling Point, Think Outside Gardens specialises in Landscape and Garden Design.

Before your project begins, we’ll arrange an in-person meeting to dive into your needs and the project’s requirements. This phase involves ideation, exploring materials, and drawing inspiration from our previous projects to demonstrate the applicability to your home.

After the meeting, you will receive a concise questionnaire from us. Combining this with the insights gained during our initial conversation, we will then create a comprehensive project summary for your new garden.

With past projects completed in and around Darling Point over the last two decades, our familiarity with the area runs deep. Bolstered by our extensive portfolio and project history, we confidently provide garden design and execute landscape construction projects that span between various scales and styles.

To discuss our services or your upcoming garden project, call us at 1300 460 690. If you’d like to see more examples of our previous completed designs – View Projects.