Outdoor Heating

There is no need to retreat into your home this winter as we explore three great options to ensure you are warm and comfortable outside as temperatures drop.

Wood burning Firepit

This modern take on a traditional fire pit by German designer Carsten Gollnick is made from one central stainless steel cylinder which seems to float between four blades providing an elegant heating solution. Incorporating the element of fire in a landscape can add intrigue and focal point to a space.

Available from www.polyvore.com

Electric Heat Pads

For a subtle yet effective heating solution Think Outside gardens loves surface mounted heat strips as they provide uniform heat distribution to warm entertaining areas during the cooler months.

Heat pads can be mounted in multiple ways to suite the situation or design elements. Flush mounted into a wall or ceiling provides a clean and subtle aesthetic. Two retrofit solutions include 1. Surface mounted options that provide greater control of heat direction and 2. Suspended options bringing the heat pad into range for a high ceiling situation.

Available from www.thermofilm.com.au

Eco Fuel

Think Outside gardens can recommend a light weight eco-friendly fire pit that uses bioethanol as a fuel resulting in a clean, smoke free heat source. Available in many different configurations they are very portable and effective leaving a small footprint on our planet.

Available from www.ecosmartfire.com.au

Images from Jason Hodges MIFGS.

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