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Contemporary Garden Design

Contemporary garden designs are an upcoming trend in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. We have seen an increase in modern landscapes with pool, raised bed with a focus on practicality and minimalism. A contemporary garden as such can help make the most of a space or a backyard that isn’t always as expansive as those in further suburbs.

A well thought contemporary landscape design will consider the yard terrain and the use of hard landscaping will tie and unite every part of the garden so the design look continuous and practical. The most common attributes found in great contemporary designs are clean lines, smart and creative use of empty space as well as earth colour stones.

A contemporary design can give a new and modern fresh look to any property, even an older house. At Think Outside Gardens we have completed a range of contemporary design either in small backyards or larger entertaining areas. We carefully choose the best supplies from resistant turf ready for the Australian summer to best and most stylish pebbles.

Discover the projects that Think Outside Gardens have delivered in Sydney. That will give you some inspirational ideas on how to build your dream contemporary garden.