Succulent and Cactus Gardens

Requiring poor low nutrient soil, limited water and care cactus and succulent gardens are suitable for the gardener with limited time, water-wise gardens or as we at Think outside gardens like to use them for gardens in pots.

Architecturally striking with subtle washed out chalky colours Cactus and Succulent plants can provide an intriguing element to garden areas.

Cactus Gardens – Oaxaca Botanic Garden

With a view to show the interaction of plants and people, one of the most amazing succulent gardens in the world has been developed in the grounds of Monastery complex by Francisco Toledo in Oaxaca City, Mexico. This garden features many of the plants used for food, crafts, and medicine by the people indigenous to the region.

This garden is a striking collection of odd shapes, colours, textures and proportions all combining to stunning effect.

Succulent Gardens – Think Outside Gardens

Our team at Think outside gardens love succulent planting and the variety it can bring to a garden. They are widely used in our gardens with great effect and suite many different styles. They are fantastic as an architectural planting element in a relaxed pool surround or to add a striking contrast when used in styling a space.

Some of our favourites

The barrel cactus

Sansevieria ‘Congo flatleaf’


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