Pots & Planters – 5 modern outdoor looks for your garden

2022’s design inspiration

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With the weather warming up we start to get a real sense that the year is coming to close. After what might have felt like an entirety of a year with a lot of us stuck at home, it is finally time to get outside and start bringing life back to your garden. Modern planters don’t just hold plants, they can be the focal point of many outdoor spaces. Creative and attractive planters add character and dimension to your landscaping designs. Planters come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, which means you’ll find the perfect design for your space! Pots & planters can add a beautiful pop of color to any space and can be filled with succulents, big leafy green plants, flowers, trees or herbs. We’ve compiled the top 5, 2022 outdoor planter looks for your garden, we know you’ll love. 

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1. Modern Pots

Gaining popularity, their design is beginning to be more interesting and innovative than ever. Modern planter boxes are quite different from their older ones. After all, they all serve the same purpose, but the difference stands out when it comes to design. They come tall, long and narrow in many colours but no matter what you choose they will undoubtably look great in any space. We recommend white, white, white with a hint of grey. 

2. Concrete Pots & Planter 

Concrete planters are a gorgeous solution to industrial, modern, and minimalist gardens. Using an oversized concrete bowl with pebbles, greenery plus succulents can make for a bold look however they do come in various sizes and shapes and it’s the oversized white/grey square concrete planters that are trending. 

3. Decorative Pots 

A trend that sort popularity in early 2020 but has grown from the patterns to a now more neutrals look for 2022. They are found in all different sizes with beautiful symbols and patterns. Using a pattern pot will bring any space to life and with accentuated colour

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4. Steel Boxes 

These sleek modern planters will complement modern gardens with their tall black steel frames to add dimension and shape to lush greenery. The minimalist construction beautifully accentuates any plant in any big or small garden. 

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5. Wall Planters

Create a vertical wall garden by adding concrete wall planters to help retain the sleek and modern style. This complements any minimalist landscaping designs while providing texture and colour. 


We do hope these tips are more than enough to get you started on your pots and planter journey! If, however, you get stuck in choosing the best planter for your next design project, take a look at our instagram account to further your knowledge and if you have any fun, fascinating, and fabulous garden planter ideas that we didn’t cover, let us know on this post.