Pots and Planters

Pots are a great way to style the garden and provide the finishing touches. They can help bring greenery to a difficult space in a corner or over paving where access to deep soil is not possible. There are great on a balcony, terrace or rooftop allowing greenery to thrive.


What pots are right for my home?

Contemporary gardens often look best with a clean crisp shape and restrained colours such as white, charcoal or black allowing the plants to feature. More traditional or formal gardens can also be brought up to date with a crisp contemporary planter but with a more formal planting such as conifers or topiary. Homes with traditional features or a formal planting can also look great with more ornate or decorative planters. Post can also become a feature in their own right and this often applies to marble and rustic styled pots.


Balance is key and this can achieved through clusters and often in odd numbers and varying sizes. Taller or larger pots at the back with smaller post filling out the foreground. Symmetry can also be effective to highlight a feature such as a doorway or an entry to a formal styled gardens.


Clusters of similar coloured pots or shapes can also bring a sense of order to eclectic planting

Hot sunny areas require the largest pot possible to provide the nutrient required to really perform, as smaller pots can heat up and dry out.


Restraint is key in smaller spaces such as a balcony or terrace garden. It’s easy to overcrowd the area with too many pots and this is a case of less is more. One or two larger pots can be enough and provide a good body of soil for plants to thrive. Lightweight planters can also assist in managing weight, especially on balconies or rooftop gardens.


What should I plant?

Key to a good planting is understanding the aspect and selecting plants that will thrive in that situation. Planting such as Succulents, Figs and Frangipani being some of our favourites for taller feature plants. Philodendron, Succulents such as Jades are great ways to fill out the lower pots with trailing plants like Dichondra silver falls providing a cascading effect over the edge of the pot. Pots are a great way to allow vines such as Boston ivy or Mandevilla to climb up walls and balconies.


Fiddle leaf figs or a Monstera are some great options to bring a freshness inside your home.


For a considered solution keep the planting in line with the stye of your garden and in proportion to the planters, generally the plant should be a similar size to the pot.